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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 71: Reunion

The battle is over, and Eragon and Saphira tend to the wounded while Eragon ponders Murtagh’s revelation; paradoxically, the knowledge of his biological parentage leads him to accept Garrow as his true father.

Eragon tries to comfort Orik about the death of Hrothgar and then encounters Roran, who punches him in the jaw and then asks to speak to him about Katrina. Eragon brings his cousin to Nasuada, wanting him to hear the story of the new Rider at the same time Eragon delivers his report. Nasuada thanks Roran for killing the Twins, and then Eragon relates what he now knows, to everyone’s shock. He is touched when Arya and Nasuada reassert their friendship for him, despite his descent.

Eragon and Roran tell each other their stories and eventually call each other brothers. Eragon finds out by scrying that Katrina is still alive, and promises to help Roran rescue her and kill the Ra’zac to avenge the man they now both claim as their father.

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