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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 42: Image of Perfection

Oromis continues explaining about the Ra’zac; the adult form, Lethrblaka, are much more intelligent than the Ra’zac; they came from the same land beyond Alagaësia as the humans did; and the two Ra’zac terrorizing Carvahall and their parents/steeds are the only creatures of their kind left in Alagaësia.

After this disturbing discussion, Oromis teaches Eragon how to make a fairth, an image that magically records exactly what the magic user sees. Eragon makes a close-up of a tree branch that Oromis criticizes as another example of Eragon’s overly narrow focus. Then Arya and Orik arrive so that Orik can observe Eragon’s education for his report to Hrothgar. Eragon’s second fairth is a portrait of Arya herself so intensely adoring that Arya shatters it in anger and stalks off. Oromis tells Eragon that he must put aside his personal feelings for the greater cause and Eragon promises to apologize.

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