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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 62: To Aberon

Eragon, Saphira, and Orik’s flight goes smoothly, and they reach Aberon, the capital of Surda, only to find that Orrin, Nasuada, and the Varden have already left to confront Galbatorix’s army. The guards they encounter suggest they look for the Varden on the Burning Plains, an area with underground peat fires dating back to a battle between dragons and the Foresworn. This reminds Eragon of the dream-vision he had before entering Du Weldenvarden, of a hand pointing to a body lying on a burning, smoky field. Before they leave, Eragon uses his new mental powers to warn a guard of an intended murder; Orik tests Eragon, but is able to keep his own mind closed.

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