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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 58: Visions Near and Far

Meditating in the forest, Eragon becomes conscious not only of animal life but also of the minds of plants; he is finally able to hear everything that is going on around him. Oromis tells him that this would ordinarily complete his training as a Rider, but proceeds to teach him the additional skill of drawing energy for spells from the world around him. When Eragon attempts this, his simple incantation drains all the life from the animals and plants he uses; Oromis tells him it is necessary for him to learn the horrible feeling of a linked consciousness dying to understand the danger of his power.

Nine days later, Eragon learns that the elves have no religion, but believe in a rational universe. His mentor’s conviction that there is no higher power or order disturbs Eragon, though he is somewhat inclined to agree. Some days later Eragon wakes, upset, to a warning from his dwarf necklace that someone is scrying him again. Then Blagden the raven flies into the treehouse and begins singing riddles toEragon that suggest he may know something about Eragon’s parents.

Frustrated, Eragon decides to scry Arya to make sure she is all right. He and Saphira see her in council with Nasuada and the others and realize the severity and immediacy of the threat to Surda. Eragon also scrys Roran, and sees him on the ship with Jeod and the other villagers; confused, he looks at Carvahall and sees that it has been entirely destroyed. He and Saphira decide that the time has come to leave Ellesméra and fight Galbatorix directly.

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