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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 54: Escape

Birgit, Nolfavrell’s mother and the widow of the first man killed and eaten by the Ra’zac, tells Roran that she hates him but needs him in the same way that hates and needs Eragon. Meanwhile, Jeod tells Helen about his secret identity and tries to convince her to join the fugitives. Then Roran chastises Mandel for his gambling and, to give him a chance to prove himself, sends him back to the camp with a message about the plan.

Roran, Jeod, a group of hired sailors, and the others sneak onto the ship and overpower the sentries. At the last minute, Helen arrives, having decided to join the group. They sail to meet the villagers, but while they are embarking the harbor guards notice the theft. The sailors launch missiles at the shore, starting massive fires, and the boat is able to leave the harbor safely, though Roran and the others regret the destruction their self-defense caused.

A few hours later, they see a Ra’zac in the sky; Gertrude realizes that it must be afraid of water, because it is not venturing far out over the ocean. Over a great distance, Baldor manages to hit and injure the steed with an arrow, but Roran points out that this action has revealed their location to the Ra’zac.

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