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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 25: The Dagshelgr Invocation

The next morning, the amulet the dwarf-priest gave Eragon becomes activated, meaning someone is trying to scry him. The party hurries to continue their journey, until they come to a giant waterfall and have to portage. Over the elves’ protest that it would dishonor a dragon to be a beast of burden, Saphira flies off with Eragon’s heavy pack.

The party approaches the elves’ city of Sílthrim, and Arya asks Eragon and Saphira to hide themselves so that the queen can decide how to handle telling the public the momentous news of a new Rider. Saphira agrees to travel by herself and meet the party on the other side of the city.

That night both Eragon and Orik are drawn to mysterious sounds, and have to be restrained by the elves so they don’t run off. Arya explains that it is Dagshelgr, an elvish holiday whose songs are spells to encourage the forest’s fertility; they cause the trees to bud and the animals to mate. Saphira arrives in the camp and tells Eragon that because of the spell’s influence she now understands what his love for Arya feels like. The elves procure horses for the rest of the overland journey, and as they prepare to ride away, Saphira confides in Eragon that she has just realized to her distress that others of her species don’t exist for her to mate with. Eragon promises to help her search the world for other dragons once they defeat Galbatorix.

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