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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 34: Under the Menoa Tree

Arya invites Eragon and Saphira to spend the evening seeing more of Ellesméra, and introduces them to Rhunön, the smith who made Zar’roc and all the other Riders’ swords. Eragon asks why she bothers to practice her craft when she could just make swords and armor by magic, and Rhunön explains that since everything is easy for elves, pursuing the work they love is the reason for living.

They then visit the Menoa tree, and Arya tells the story of how a woman, spurned by a younger man, killed him and then sang her consciousness into the tree; Eragon takes this as a warning about his own feelings for Arya. They discuss her inheritance of the throne, and he tells her about his mistake in blessing the child.

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