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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 22: Wounds of the Present

The village helps the children and their caretakers prepare for the journey into the Spine. Sloan realizes that Katrina is planning to go with them and confronts her angrily. Roran

intervenes and tells Sloan of the engagement and of his request that Katrina go with the children. Rather than accepting this news, Sloan makes Katrina choose between her father and her fiancé; when she chooses Roran, Sloan disowns her and cuts her off from her mother’s inheritance. Horst’s wife, Elain, takes a distraught Katrina back to her house, and Roran accompanies the rest of the party into the mountains to help carry the supplies and set up camp. He asks one of the older children, Nolfavrell, whose father was the Ra’zac’s first victim and who killed a soldier in battle, to take special care of Katrina.

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