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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 17: Down the Rushing Mere-Wash

As they travel along the river to the elves’ homeland, Eragon finds out from Arya that the name of his sword Zar’roc means misery. This compounds his feelings of discomfort with the weapon, which also used to belong to Morzan, who while he lived was the leader of the evil Riders, the Foresworn, and was also Murtagh’s father.

Saphira and Eragon go flying above the river and are attacked by two Fanghur, endangered dragon-like creatures native to the Beor region. Eragon admires a dwarf’s surgically and magically created steel knuckle spikes.

Eragon decides to scry Roran; seeing him in a rare peaceful moment, he concludes with relief that his cousin is all right. That night, Eragon has a strange dream: a fallen man on a battlefield, and an armored hand in the foreground pointing at the body. When he asks Arya about the dream, she theorizes that it is probably not scrying, but a premonition. She explains magic users’ poor understanding of the way visions travel through time and the dangers of trying to manipulate that process.

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