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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 27: Queen Islanzadí

Queen Islanzadí asks Arya’s forgiveness for having banned her from her presence and Arya eventually grants it. Then Eragon impresses the gathered elves by greeting the queen correctly, as Arya taught him. At the queen’s request, he begins telling his story; because of spells preventing contact with the outside world, the elves knew nothing of the recent events. Eragon also presents Nasuada’s scroll, and Islanzadí agrees to ally with the Varden. She asks Eragon for a ring Brom gave him, and gives it back to him, naming him Elf-Friend, but warns him that the injuries he sustained in fighting Durza maybe too severe for him to undergo the elves’ training. Arya then relates the details of her capture by Durza and the torture he subjected her to.

Eragon, Saphira, and Orik join the elves in a lavish banquet, vegetarian like all of the elves’ food. They are introduced to Blagden, a raven who once saved Arya’s father’s life and so was given intelligence and long life, as well as a gift of prophecy and a tendency to speak in riddles. They also meet a werecat, who asks them to call her Maud. Then Queen Islanzadí escorts Eragon andSaphira to the treehouse where the first leader of the Dragon Riders lived, and tells him that title is his now.

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