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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 5: The Hunted Hunters

Roran goes hunting with Horst’s son, Baldor, who advises him to try to win Sloan over rather than proposing to Katrina without his permission. While tracking deer, they see a party of the King’s soldier’s camped in the forest; the Ra’zac are with them, and Roran realizes that this means that the death of his father andthe destruction of his home must have been on the King’s orders. Furious, he wants to attack and take revenge, but Baldor convinces him to return home and warn the villagers. On the assumption that, as Eragon’s only remaining relative, Roran is probably the object of the expedition, Horst and his family send Roran away from the village, into the inhospitable local mountain range, the Spine. There he waits and observes as the soldiers set up camp by the village.

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