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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 32: On the Crags of Tel’naeír

Eragon meets the Rider, a very old elf named Oromis, who has been waiting in secret to pass on the lore of the Riders to a new disciple. He explains that both he and his dragon, Glaedr, who is missing a leg, can no longer fight because of injuries; he is The Cripple Who Is Whole. The two pairs of dragons and Riders fly to Oromis’ house, where they discuss the upcoming training; Eragon fears the return of the crushing pain he experiences when his wound flares up, but with Oromis’ encouragement pledges to continue fighting on behalf of the people under Galbatorix’s reign.

Oromis tells Eragon how both Eragon’s teacher, Brom, and the founder of the Foresworn, Morzan, were his pupils. Brom adored Morzan, and his adulation turned to hatred after Morzan and the Foresworn killed his dragon; it led him to found the Varden and kill several of the Foresworn.

Saphira is full of puppy love for the older dragon she never knew existed, and when Eragon is jealous, Oromis cautions him to be patient. While they have a meal, he explains that elves don’t eat meat because they don’t want to cause animals unnecessary pain. Then Oromis introduces Eragon to elvish plumbing and orders him to take a bath every day and shave.

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