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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 14: Celbedeil

Since it seems unsafe to tour Tarnag, Eragon spends the day visiting Celbedeil, an ornate temple at the top of the mountain and learning from dwarf priests, at Hrothgar’s request, about the race’s history and mythology. Also at Hrothgar’s request, a priest gives Eragon a necklace that will make him invisible to scrying, but which will sap his energy if overused. Then Arya appears and picks up a longstanding argument about the dwarf-priest clan’s habit of using its wealth to ornament temples rather than to help the poor. Returning from the temple, Eragon questions Arya about her background and learns that she has been isolated from other elves for seventy years, serving as her Queen’s representative to the outside world, and that her family disapproved of her choice and ostracized her before she left. The next morning, the party safely leaves Tarnag on river rafts which will take them out of the mountains and into the Northern plains.

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