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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 70: Inheritance

Murtagh points at Eragon’s prone body, fulfilling Eragon’s dream-vision. Then he explains how he was captured and forced to swear loyalty to Galbatorix after one of the dragon eggs hatched for him; now he is like his father, the evil rider Morzan, only even stronger. While Murtagh and Eragon talk, the Twins—the new spell-casters—continue to attack the Varden; then the two Riders watch as Roran sneaks up on them and kills them with his hammer. Murtagh tries to convince Eragon to join Galbatorix’s forces, explaining that Saphira is needed to mate with the male dragons in the King’s possessions, so as to continue the dragon race. Eragon refuses, and pleads with Murtagh to join the Varden and let them try to release him from Galbatorix’s rule—or failing that, to let Eragon kill him so that he won’t be compelled to do more evil. When Murtagh rejects this idea, Eragon renews his attack, but Murtagh’s magic is too strong and he is immobilized. For the sake of their friendship, Murtagh does not capture him, but he does take Zar’roc, saying that he should have it, being the eldest son of their father: he reveals that he and Eragon are brothers.

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