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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 10: Hrothgar’s Gift

Eragon and Saphira prepare to leave Tronjheim, along with Arya, Orik, and a convoy of dwarves to take them as far as Du Weldenvarden, the forest where the elves live. Orik gives Eragon the repaired armor Hrothgar promised him, and along with the armor an offer from Hrothgar, never before made to a human, to adopt him as a member of his own family and clan. Eragon accepts and wears the symbol of Hrothgar’s clan on his helm; now all three races have a claim to his loyalty. The party travels to the end of Farthen Dûr and prepares to continue through a system of tunnels that runs through the rest of the Beor mountain range.

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