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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 59: Gifts

Eragon tells Oromis he is leaving, and then confronts his teacher for having kept silent while he knew about Galbatorix’s build-up; Oromis replies that he kept the news secret from Eragon because he needed to continue training to be able to fight effectively. Eragon and Saphira pledge to return to finish their instruction after the battle. Oromis gives his pupil a bottle of sustaining liquor, a belt whose jewels can be used to store energy, and a scroll on which he has written and decorated Eragon’s poem. They also visit Queen Islanzadí, who gives Eragon a new bow to replace the one he broke testing out his new elf-strength. Then they meet Orik, who will accompany them, with the dwarf and human riding Saphira as she flies.

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