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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 63: The Burning Plains

Both armies are massed on the Burning Plains, the Empire far outnumbering the rebels. As Saphira descends, the Varden’s archers shoot at her, but Eragon easily redirects the arrows harmlessly and, when he lands, asks the men to be spared from punishment for their mistake.

The travelers reunite with Nasuada and the other leaders, and then Elva approaches Eragon. He apologizes and asks for her forgiveness, and promises to try to take the spell off her after the battle.

Eragon asks to take control of the Varden’s magic users to organize them for the battle. He also gets a moment alone with Arya and apologizes for his behavior, but she is no closer to reciprocating his feelings than before. Walking through the camp, Eragon and Saphira then encounter Angela, who berates Eragon for his accidental curse ofElva. When Eragon mentions his surprise that King Orrin has brought scientific instruments onto the battlefield, Angela bustles off to see them and confer with the king.

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