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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 23: His Enemy’s Face

Roran returns to Horst’s house and sees Katrina briefly. After she goes to bed, Elain tells Roran that he must take care of Katrina from now on; without her mother’s inheritance, she has nothing. Roran goes to bed and Katrina comes in to join him.

During the night, the Ra’zac and their soldiers enter the house. Roran kills more soldiers, but the Ra’zac still prevail; they wound Roran severely but let him go, and take Katrina back with them. Frantic, Roran and a few others follow them back to the enemy camp, where the soldiers are attempting to mutiny against theinhuman Ra’zac. The Ra’zac kill the leader of the mutiny, but then decide to leave and begin shrieking, summoning horrible flying monsters they will ride away. One takes Katrina from a tent, and the other takes Sloan; Roran realizes that Sloan must be there because he tried to betray the villagers. While Roran and the others watch, the Ra’zac take their prisoners and depart into the night sky.

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