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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 48: The Gift of Dragons

Oromis tells Eragon and Saphira that they will need to bring a creative contribution to the upcoming multi-day Blood-Oath festival. Eragon decides to tell his own story in the form of an epic poem like those he has been reading in the course of his lessons; he writes furiously, and is very proud of the result.

Although Eragon is protected from the strongest elf-magic of the festival, he still experiences it as a series of disjointed, strange, and wonderful impressions. He recites his poem, and it is well received. Saphira presents her offering, a sculpture in rock and fire.

The central ritual involves two elves tattooed with halves of a dragon dancing until the dragon seems to come alive. It touches Eragon’s marked palm with a mysterious power, and he goes unconscious.

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