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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 6: Saphira’s Promise

Orik, a dwarf, takes Eragon to meet with Hrothgar, the dwarf king. He thanks Eragon and Saphira for their heroics in battle, offers them gifts of armor, and inquires about their endorsement for leadership of the Varden. Eragon explains that he will support Nasuada and asks Hrothgar to do the same.

Then Hrothgar tells Eragon that the dwarves are heartbroken about the destruction of a treasure of Tronjheim, the Star Rose, a giant star sapphire that Saphira and Arya had to break in order to help Eragon defeat Durza. Saphira telepathically tells Eragon that she can restore the gem with magic if the dwarves reassemble all its pieces.

This causes great joy among the dwarves, and they have a banquet at which Saphira tries mead for the first time; after consuming four barrels, she falls over and drunkenly collapses on the banquet table.

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