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Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Eldest Chapter 3: Truth Among Friends

As a representative of the elves, Arya also agrees to support Nasuada. Then the Council departs, leaving Eragon and Saphira alone with the Varden’s new leader. Eragon tells Nasuada about her father’s dying request to maintain harmony within the Varden, and reassures her that he doesn’t want to take power himself. Nasuada tells Eragon that she has no intention of being a puppet, but also confides in him that he has the people’s support and would be able to defy both her and the Council if he chose. Touched by her honesty, Eragon deviates from the Council’s intention and impulsively swears his promised fealty to Nasuada personally.

Saphira then leads Eragon to a meeting with Arya, who is angry at what appears to be Eragon’s support of the Council in establishing a puppet leader; she is worried that without strong leadership, the Varden will not be able to resist Galbatorix. Eragon explains his plans to resist the council, and Arya’s anger subsides.

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