Eragon: Inheritance Book One Study Guide

Eragon: Inheritance Book One

Eragon: Inheritance Book One by Christopher Paolini

Eragon, a young adult fantasy novel, is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle. It tells the story of a young boy named Eragon who hatches a dragon, Saphira, out of a mysterious stone he finds in the woods. Eragon bonds closely with Saphira and becomes a dragon rider, drawing the attention of the evil king Galbatorix, who sends his servants, the Ra'zac, to kill him. While escaping from the Ra'zac, Eragon and his mentor Brom become embroiled in plots against the evil king.

Eragon: Inheritance Book One Chapter 55: Hall of the Mountain King

When Eragon wakes, he dons his sword and is greeted by Orik, there on behalf of King Hrothgar of the dwarves seeking his presence. Eragon is allowed to speak on even terms with the King but that many of the Dwarven clan leaders do not want to offer Eragon safe haven. He describes the history of the dwarves and how they came to the mountain. Eragon requests sanctuary in their mountain, but reveals that he wishes to fight the empire.

The King then asks Saphira what she wants to do and she replies angrily that she wants to fight and drink her enemies’ blood, those that hold her brethren still in the eggs. When he suggest that Eragon would be a better king, Eragon responds that he has no wish to be a King and that no King should live forever like Galbatorix.

Hrothgar announces that Eragon must prove himself to the Dwarves and that he hopes his nephew (Orik is the king’s nephew) will serve him well. Eragon observes after leaving that the king seemed displeased with Saphira to which she jokes that he is no bigger than her knee. Orik finds them and tells him that many mothers are now seeking him out for a blessing on their own children, sending them to the library to hide.

In the library, the Twins appear, searching for Eragon so as to apologize, but they do so mockingly and Saphira warns him as they do. Keeping his anger in check at their mockery, he rejects their offer to teach him more magic. They then threaten him and demand he accept their offer. He puts off his answer for another day. He then enters the dragon hold and sees Nasuada, Ajihad’s daughter, who warns him about blessing children and asks about his testing, which will be the next day. She asks him to visit Murtagh who is lonely in his cell.

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