Eragon: Inheritance Book One Study Guide

Eragon: Inheritance Book One

Eragon: Inheritance Book One by Christopher Paolini

Eragon, a young adult fantasy novel, is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle. It tells the story of a young boy named Eragon who hatches a dragon, Saphira, out of a mysterious stone he finds in the woods. Eragon bonds closely with Saphira and becomes a dragon rider, drawing the attention of the evil king Galbatorix, who sends his servants, the Ra'zac, to kill him. While escaping from the Ra'zac, Eragon and his mentor Brom become embroiled in plots against the evil king.

Eragon: Inheritance Book One Chapter 41: Fighting Shadows

In a few hours, with his magic returning, Eragon unlocks the doors and starts to leave the cell. He feels the strength that he has gained and calls for Saphira’s help. She relays that Murtogh is on his way to rescue him and that he shouldn’t move. Soldiers spot him though and begin to charge, to which he replies with a magical attack. An arrow appears and strikes another soldier, whom Eragon questions about the location of his sword and the elf woman.

Eragon gets the information he wanted and finds that the arrows are being fired by Murtogh in a disguise. Instead of leaving though, Eragon must rescue the elf first. They carry her to a banquet hall where he eats and drinks quickly to regain his strength. Murtogh goes to get their weapons and they decide to leave. The Shade arrives though and Eragon rises to fight him. They fight for a bit and the Shade is much stronger than he appears, having fun with Eragon who he is much stronger than. When a couple of arrows hit him, the Shade is distracted and when Saphira crashes through the ceiling above, the soldiers scatter. Saphira flies the three to safety but takes a few arrows to her wings in the process.

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