Eragon: Inheritance Book One Study Guide

Eragon: Inheritance Book One

Eragon: Inheritance Book One by Christopher Paolini

Eragon, a young adult fantasy novel, is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle. It tells the story of a young boy named Eragon who hatches a dragon, Saphira, out of a mysterious stone he finds in the woods. Eragon bonds closely with Saphira and becomes a dragon rider, drawing the attention of the evil king Galbatorix, who sends his servants, the Ra'zac, to kill him. While escaping from the Ra'zac, Eragon and his mentor Brom become embroiled in plots against the evil king.

Eragon: Inheritance Book One Chapter 22: Through A Dragon's Eye

The next day Eragon decides to take Saphira for a ride. Brom advises him to use his mind and hold on carefully. She is not only stronger than before but has more maneuvers and does them without him telling her. He finally relaxes and is able to enjoy the ride. In the air, Eragon doesn’t want to land and ignores the buzzing of Brom trying to communicate with him. However, Saphira eventually lands to eat and Brom angrily relays that he has found more Ra’zac prints that approach a stopping point.

The Ra’zac took off on birds or dragons from that spot as Brom relays and Eragon searches the woods for clues, finding a canister of caustic silver liquid. The oil is deadly when magicked and was used to kill Eragon’s uncle. He realizes that it must have come from far away, so they decide to travel toa coastal town to ask around. Brom tells him that they must travel to Teirm, with Eragon riding Saphira on alternating days during the trip.

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