The Black Dahlia Study Guide

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy

Bucky sees a connection between Fritzie and Johnny Vogel and Charles Michael Isler, a pimp who calls Elizabeth“Liz” when interviewed. He asks Millard to investigate all three. Bucky breaks into both Vogel homes and finds evidence Fritzie is hiding evidence about the case and a women named Sally Stinson. He also finds evidence of extortion.

Bucky and Millard interview Sally who turned tricks with Betty. She was paid by Fritzie to have sex with Johnny. They see Betty, and Johnny had sex with her too. Fritzie threatened her to keep quiet.

Russ injects Johnny with truth serum and Johnny confesses to knowing Betty, his father’s involvement, and the cover-up. Johnny is arrested.

Bucky is put on two weeks leave after Fritzie kills himself and will be assigned to another division. He is now seen as a traitor by the other officers.

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