The Black Dahlia Study Guide

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy

Bucky is on the job when he is called to report to the Chief of Detectives. When he arrives at City Hall, the room is filled with officials. Lee Blanchard is also there.

He is instructed to read an editorial in the newspaper titled“Fire and Ice among LA’s Finest”. The article is about Bucky (Ice) and Lee (Fire), but is written in support of a bond to upgrade police equipment and provide an 8% pay raise.

The bond will fail this year, but could be successful next year if they can generate enough good publicity for the department. The officials want Bucky and Lee to box ten rounds. This will generate publicity. If Bucky wins the fight, he will get the promotion.

Bucky spots Lee outside City Hall talking to Kay Lake, Lee’s girlfriend. She is not in favor of the match because she is afraid Bucky will hurt Lee, but Lee promised to buy her a car with the money he is paid for the fight.

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