The Chrysalids Study Guide

The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

Once escaped, Sophie explains to David that they are safe with her but that they must lay low until the search is off because the Fringe people will surely seek them out once they notice that their two“breeders” are missing. Rosalind is uneasy about trusting Sophie. Jealousy and animosity are very present for Sophie is bitter about the way Gordon values Rosalind for the things Sophie lacks. She therefore wishes she could offer the gift of children to the man she loves. Michael is with the group of approaching Waknukians. Michael hopes that they can count on the help that the girl from Sealand is promising. She tells them that she is roughly 8 ½ hours away. Sophie momentarily leaves the group and upon her return, she mentions that the Fringe people pursuing them are leaving the fight from the Waknuk people to resume their original pursuit yet the Waknuk attack is still in full force. David considers the repercussions if he were to confront his father in battle. Sensing his anxiety, the girl from Sealand urges him to let go of his father because the way of life his people follow isdying and virtually obsolete. Sophie once again leaves for reconnaissance and returns roughly one hour later saying that the Waknuk group is approaching. David communicates with Michael and tells him to stay back from the forefront of the attack to avoid getting hurt so that they can reunite. The strange girl once again contacts the group to let them know that she will be able to arrive a hour earlier than originally planned. Sophie heads back out to see the progress. As she does so, the Fringe people and the Waknuk party clash. In the heat of the battle Gordon shoots Joseph Strorm in the chest with an arrow killing him. The Spiderman picks up Sophie who was by his side and they make a run for it. Soon he is pummeled by a downpour of arrows and dies. Sophie attempts to run away and is shot in the arm and neck and dies. During the culminating point in the attack, suddenly a craft appearsin the sky. Looming over the combat, the violence ceases and some of the fighters flee, others watch. David calls Michael forth to rescue him for this is the craft from Sealand. The raft expels a form of cobweb-like substance upon the crowd below and paralyses them all rendering them invulnerable.This substance unfortunately also reaches David’s hands and it has the same effect on him. He becomes entirely paralyzed.

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