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The Chrysalids Essay


The chrysalids

Chapter 8-9


David is frightened. He knows what happens to mutants and he is scared because he is a mutant. He prays to God to make him normal but his prayers aren't answered. Petra falls into the river and uses her power to call for help. David and Rosalind race to save her. They find Petra unconscious but okay.

My personal thoughts:

My personal thoughts on this section are that it would suck to be a mutant and if everyone else knew about it then you would be betrayed and not liked. It would also be very hard to keep it a secret that you are a mutant.


The conflict of chapter eight and nine are that David is very scared for anyone to find out that he is a mutant because he knows what will happen and he had a dream before that his father was beating on Sophie because she is a mutant. God doesnt answer Davids prayers to become normal again but nothing works. Petra falls in the river and she needed to use her powers for someone to come save her.

My predictions:

My predictions are that someone will find out about David and his friends with telepathy that theyre mutants and be treated very unfair and should not have to go through that.


Why does everyone have to hate on mutants and treat them unfair?

Why cant everyone be normal and not a mutant?

Should all the characters of the book know about eachother and that some of them are mutants?

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