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"A Game For Jordan" Essay


" A Game For Jordan


Ashley Ware

One day, Jordan was in his room, thinking about what he always thought about, money. He always thought about ways to get money. He was always making up schemes to get more money or things he wanted. As he was thinking up one of these schemes, he realized it was time for work.

As Jordan was walking down the sidewalk on his way to work, a girl about his age ran past him to retrieve a ball.

Hey, she said. Im Brooklyn. Wanna play kickball with us?

Sorry, Jordan said shortly. Im on my way to work.

Work?! Brooklyn exclaimed. On a day like this?

Glancing around quickly, Jordan replied, Yeah. Im gonna be late. Id better go. Brooklyn shrugged, and Jordan walked away.

At the grocery store where Jordan worked, he couldnt concentrate on his job as a cashier. Thoughts kept running through his head, counteracting each other. Why am I working? Its a beautiful day. I should go outside and play with that girl! But, wait, what about my job? No job, no money, remember? But, I still wanna go see them sometime. Hmm, I dont have to work until later tomorrow. Ill go play kickball with them then!

Excited about his decision, Jordan finished work that night and headed home. The next morning, he woke up early so that he could find some clothes he could get dirty, then jogged to the park. When Brooklyn arrived ten minutes later, Jordan ran over to her.

Gonna play kickball again today? he asked excitedly.

No, she stated. Seeing his disappointed expression, she smiled and said, Just kidding! You gonna play with us?

Jordan took a deep breath, smiled, and answered, Yes!

Awesome! Brooklyn proclaimed. Katie and some of the boys will be here any minute. Theyre cool. Youll like them.

Okay. But, before they get here, can you show me how to play?

Wait. You dont know how to play kickball?!

Jordan grinned sheepishly, then nodded.

Wow. Well, Id love to, but as you might have noticed, I dont have the ball with me. Chad has it right now.

Who? Jordan questioned.

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