The Chrysalids Study Guide

The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

One night, David awakens suddenly to the signal of others telling him that some of the Chrysalids have been captured. In a panic he immediately reaches Petra and they meet with Rosalind. With nothing but a horse, they make their escape from the land of Waknuk into uncharted and dangerous territory. Soon after, David is alerted by Michael who tells them that they are being followed and should maintain constant vigilance. This warning is proven true when Rosalind kills a man threatening their surreptitiousness. The importance of secrecy is solidified by this and therefore, David and Rosalind decide to travel solely at night. On the following day, they are reached by the desperate cries of one of the captured Chrysalids; Katherine. We learn that she is being withheld against her will by the inspector. She is being tortured for information, unfortunately with success. Fortunately however, from what Katharine was forced to divulge, the inspector is only aware of the existence of David, Petra and Rosalind (and obviously Katherine). Determined, the inspector states a reward for the capture of the escaped Deviations; he is entirely committed to learning about the ability of the Chrysalids and guarantee that such a blasphemy never occurs again. David and his companions decide to venture into the land of the Fringes to lose the stalking puritans and on Michaels behalf, he says he will see as to how he can fake the deaths of the escapees in a effort to put an end to the manhunt. When Michael communicates with Petra she asks him why the messages he sends are mixed with those of another mystery person. This mystery person is found to be a girl who Petra feels she can identify with. She tells this person their coordinates and they exchange information. When Petra confers with David he realizes that the descriptions Petra’s new friends environment seems to match David’s dreams from long ago. David, Petra and Rosalind feel an elevated intensity motivating their quest.

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