The Chrysalids Study Guide

The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

The spring following the death of Allan is relatively Deviance free there is a grand total of only 2 fields burned none of which belong to either Angus Morton or Joseph Strorm. David’s little sister Petra grows up and develops an adventurous side on one particular occasion, she ventures off into the forest on horseback she is forbidden to visit. Once again, David is suddenly summoned by a violently powerful thought shape and follows it to the source the call also drives Michael and Rosalind to do the same and they are confronted by the sight of a terrible Deviation feasting away at Petra’s pony. The Deviation is killed and Petra is rescued. All others in the group also meet in the forest having been signaled by the cry. This is the first time they all meet in person.Suddenly a Jerome Skinner who followed them in to the forest surprises them all. They manage to evade his suspicions. As a group they each a consensus that Petra’s calls, if there are more, are to be handled strictly. David and Rosalind agree to take responsibility for responding, but if the callsbecome overwhelmingly intense, anyone who can reach Petra is to do so and make her lose consciousness immediately. After the incident, David makes another attempt to teach his sister thought shapes and help her control her power. She reveals that she is able to hear people further away that David cannot. David returns to Uncle Axel who asks David if he's been careless and speculates that people are suspecting things. He mentions Joe Darley. He concedes to having killed Allan because he knew that Anne had told him everything and that at the time he was killed he was on his way to tell the Inspector. When asked about Jerome Skinner, Uncle Axel says he will find out who he is. When David confers with the others, Michael suggests that they should all be on their guard and be ready to leave on short notice if things go wrong.

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