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Life of Pi

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi by Yann Martel tells the story of a young man named Pi Patel, whose family owns a zoo in India. They decide to move to Canada and transport their zoo, but the ship they were sailing across the Atlantic encounters a storm and sinks. Pi is the only survivor, as he finds himself on a lifeboat with a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, and Bengal tiger he names Richard Parker.

The author finally returns, discussing the arrival of Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Chiba to Tomatlan. At first arriving in Tomatan, the wrong city, they travel over 1500 KM via a ferry boat and broken car to reach Tomatlan, their actual destination. After 41 hours of unpleasantness, they arrive at the Benito Juarez infirmary and interview Pi for hours, recording everything. In the end they give a copy of the entire tape and a copy of the report to the author.

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