Life of Pi Study Guide

Life of Pi

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi by Yann Martel tells the story of a young man named Pi Patel, whose family owns a zoo in India. They decide to move to Canada and transport their zoo, but the ship they were sailing across the Atlantic encounters a storm and sinks. Pi is the only survivor, as he finds himself on a lifeboat with a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, and Bengal tiger he names Richard Parker.

Pi goes over the play by play manner in which he was able to tame a tiger on a lifeboat. To begin, the first step is to provoke the animal, almost to the point of attack by not quite. Keep eye contact, and when the tiger gets near blow on a whistle and drop anchor to rock the boat until the tiger is sick. Afterwards, retreat to your own area and leave the tiger be. After a while, the tiger should associate the sound of a whistle with incredible illness and only the whistle will be needed.

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