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The True Story in Life Of Pi Essay


The True Story in Life of Pi

In Yann Martels Life of Pi, there are two different stories that Pi tells to the two officials from the Maritime Department in the Japanese Ministry of Transport. At the end of this novel, the author wants the reader to decide which story is true. The first story has animals, in which Pi is trapped on a lifeboat and lost at sea with a Bengal tiger and other animals. The second story, Pi tells a story in which he was actually was on a lifeboat with a French cook, his mother and a sailor. The human characters in the story match what had happened in the first story. Yann Martel wishes the reader to choose which story they think is true based on the clues he had spread out throughout the novel. The true version of this story is the one with animals.

Even though Pis first story is unbelievable, Martel scatters hints around the book to back us Pis first story. After Pi had told his story with animals to the officials, they ask for a true story that is possible. They want a story that wont surprise [them]a immobile story. [They] want dry, yeast less factuality. (Martel 302) Pi asks the officials if they would like a story with just the facts. This could mean that he is stripping down his story and replacing the genuine characters with humans to have just the facts left behind. It is a story easy to believe so the officials like it better. In the first story, Pi is survives for 227 days with Richard Parker, a tiger. This is believable because Pi was greatly experienced with zoo animals and that explains how he was able to survive with a tiger for so long. Pi seemed truly depressed for Richard Parkers abandonment and that shows that the tiger was real and had gone through a lot with Pi. Later Pi asks the two men which story they prefer and which is the better story and they answer with the story with animals. Pi replies, So it goes with God. (Martel 317) The author shows readers that religion is a tool that can make people see the world in a new light. Pis true story, the one with animal, represents religion. This is because in order to believe in a religion, one needs to take a leap of faith to believe it; just like in Pis animal story. Although some things that he said seemed quite impossible, Pi tells readers to look beyond instead of believing what they see. The Japanese men represent people who do not believe in religion and they are left with dry, yeast less factuality. Pis story requires a leap of faith to believe, just as God does.

In Life of Pi, the author clearly wants the readers to choose which story they think is true. The story with animals is highly likely to be true. Martel has scattered many hints to prove this. Believing in this story is similar to believing in a religion. Some people believe religion and some people do not. Religion requires a leap of faith as so does Pis true story: the story with animals.

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