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Searching for Identity in Desiree's Baby Essay


In Chopin story Desirees Baby, I do believe that Desiree was searching for her own identity. Throughout the story she is always defining herself through the love of her husband. She never expresses how mother hood has changed her yet, with her husband she is constantly giving examples of how having a son has made him more laid back with the slaves. , "he hasn't punished one of them--not one of them--since baby is born. Even Negrillon, who pretended to have burnt his leg that he might rest from work--he only laughed, and said Negrillon was a great scamp. Its as if her feelings arent of same value to her. I think she search for her identity when race became a question. When she wrote the letter to her mother to confirm that she was white that was a way of her showing that she wanted to know who she was, when it comes to her race. We dont admit it sometimes but as people we do tend to defend certain parts of ourselves that others take attack on because in some ways we arent sure if what they are saying about us is true. I think saying that she wasnt white stroked a nerve in her because she wasnt fully sure of her background, her finding out was not only way for her to secure her relationship it was a way for her to identify with the woman who lost herself inside her relationship.

In the Wife of his Youth, one post emancipation predicament is Mr.Ryer deciding to fall in love or lose his status in the society club. Mr Ryder had a woman who defined unconditional love, She waited 25 years for him, traveled all over, held onto his picture. However, he was stuck between choosing love for himself or his status in his social club. I think he realized that he had rare qualities in his wife. Such Devotion and confidence are rare even in a woman. On some levels he had to realize that his status in the club couldnt compare to the love she displayed for him. He followed his heart about doing whats best for him I think it followed his motto yet put in perspective that loves is always more important than social status. , and hopefully he was able to match the devotion that she displayed for him.

In An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Bierce tries to gain sympathy for Farquhar by referring to him closing his eyes and thinking about his family. "fix his last thoughts upon his wife and children".This allows the reader to get a connection with his emotions of being a family man. When the book starts you get all the descriptions of how hes hanging and you automatically would assume that hes some bad guy and thats why hes hanging from the rope. By referring to his family it allows you to see him in a different light. Usually when people do bad things we feel that for the most part we cannot connect with them. However, referring back to his family makes you see that though he has done wrong he is no different then you with his family ties. It makes you hope that he can break himself free and get back to his family. When he says If I could just free my hands, It brings you in his shoes of wanting to struggle for freedom you find yourself being sorry for the way that hes dying. It made me hope that he would get away. By showing his struggle it allows you to think what if I were in his shoes what would I be doing who would I be thinking of. The empathy given makes Farquhar seems less of a criminal and more of a regular person.

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