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A Lamentable Success in Desirees Baby Essay


Tragedy is a lamentable, dreadful or even fatal event. Living in a close tragedy is the most terrible feeling that a human being could have. For instance, two weeks ago my niece found out she had cancer, and she is only seven years old. It is hard to know that her life could be concluding at such a young age. This tragedy not only brought sadness, depression, and shadow to her parents, but to the family too. Living like everything is alright is hard, especially when Kayla is waiting for the second, third, or even more doctors opinion. It is inexplicable how her parents are facing this crisis, in particular because Kayla was a healthy kid until this terrible disease. My perspective toward life had changed; I thank God for having two healthy daughters and I hope that Kayla could have another opportunity to be healthy again. A tragedy changes everything around the person who is living it. According, to the author Kate Chopin, in the story Desirees Baby, this young lady named Desiree, passed by a lamentable success during the 1800s when slavery existed. She was abandoned when she was a toddler, with an unknown heritage. She was adopted by the Valmonds, who were lovely parents. Armand, a man who was brought by his dad from Paris, when he was only eight years old his mom died with unknown heritage too. Desiree, the abandoned and adopted girl fell in love Armand that he was reminded that she was nameless and proud to give her one (155). Armand and Desiree were married and they had a baby and that was when Desirees tragedy started. Having a tan skinned baby was the tragedy for both, Armand and Desiree. Armands tragedy for the reason that he did not accept his own son, still when later he found out that his mom was black. Desirees tragedy started since Armand accused her that she was not white and he did not want their son. That result in the separation of this couple who loved each other, just because the society where they lived.

After being a lovely couple, Armand was a proud father because it was his first baby boy who was name after him; even his attitude towards slaves had changed. Desiree realized she had a perfect family, lovely husband and their baby.

Afterward, Desiree tragedy started when her baby was only three months old, she felt that something in the air menacing her peace. The strange and awful change in Armandos attitude, this included his absences from his home, avoided Desirees presence and that of his child without excuse. Desiree was miserable.

Once they argued, Desiree cried inconsolably asking what was wrong with the baby and he answered that the child is not white; it means that you are not white. Desiree, contradicting him she answered, It is a lie; it is not true, I am white! Look at my hair, it is brown; and my eyes are gray, Armand, you know they are gray. And my skin is fair (158). Armand did not care what she was saying; he went away leaving her alone with their child. It is ironic that because the color of the babys skin Armand did not accept his son, Kaylas parents will be glad to have their daughters health without caring anything, even thought without some part of her body but alive.

Evidently, Desirees mom like Kaylas mom supported their daughters with love. Saying Desirees mom My own Desiree: Come home to Valmonde; back to your mother who loves you. Come with your child.(158) in these cases like on the majority, the mother are there to support their child, the circumstances does not matter.

In conclusion, Armand blamed Desirees heritage, without knowing that his mom was black. After he knew, he did not say anything to anyone because of the society and slavery at that time. Living in a tragedy like Kaylas life threatening case or Desiree and Armands case, not only affects them but still affects third persons like Kaylas parents and the family or in Desirees case, the most affected person was the baby that had an uncertain future just because his skin color, he would become enslaved just because of society at the time that he grow up in.

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