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Antigone and Oedipus Essay


Antigone and Oedipus are both very profound and thorough plays. The events that occur in both plays are very tragic. Both plays are alike in some ways and relate to eachother in one way or another. But they also differ in the order of events and rerasons why the tragedy occurs.

In Oedipus he is told about his fate and destiny and what will become of him. He is told that he will marry his mother and kill his father. Oedipus panics by what he is told and flees to Thebes to be away from his ''mtoher and father" in order to prevent what he is told, from happening. On his way to Thebes he comes along with a man and his guards. One thing led to the next and Oedipus ended up killing the man and his guards. Among the men was King Lauis, Oedipus's biological father. However, Oedipus completely oblivious about this. At this point Oedipus has killed his father just like he was told he would. He continues his way to Thebes where he is reknowned for his knowledge and ability to solve riddles. He solved the riddle of the Sphinx and became the king of Thebes. Oedipus proceeds to marry Jocasta, his biological mother, completely unaware of his true identity. Through out the play Oedipus is trying to find out who killed king Lauis , but the whole time he is looking for himself. At the end of the play all occurs and the truth is revealed. Oedipus is told about the truth, who he really is. He is told that King Lauis was his father and Jocasta, his wife, is also his mother. Jocasta was shocked and dismayed by the news.For all she had known Oedipus was taken away from the house of Lauis to the mountains and had long been dead.Now she was mrried to her own son and even had children with him.The news was just unbearable for her to handle. Jocasta ends up klling herself and Oedipus, feeling guilt and discontent with all that has occured, he pins his eyes out to feel more physical pain because of all the emotion pain he has and has caused. He soon exiles himself where he would eventually die. This all occurred because of his fate and destiny.

In Antigone the play begins where Polynices and Eteocles have a duel where they end up killing eachother. Eteocles is showed respect by being buried. However, Creon orders that no one is to bury Polynice's body. He was a traitor and deserves no sign of respect. Antigone being stubborn and having pride for her family, believes otherwise. She believes that Polynices deserves to be buried allowing ti rest inpeace and also showing their respect. Antigone tells Ismene, her sister about her plan and asks if she wants to join her. However, Ismene disregards what Antigone asks of. She doesnt want to break the law and disrespect Creon. Antigone does as she believes and buries Polynice's body. Creon finds out and orders to talk to Antigone. She shows no guilt of what she's done and so Creon decides to punish her. He shall have Antigone killed or exiled isolated where sooner or later she will die. Haimon, Antigone's fiance at first agrees Creon his father, but later changes his mind. Haimon tries to talk to his father however Creon refuses to listen. Haimon says " if Antigone dies another person will die too". At the end of the play Antigone ends up killing herself. Haimon is left with so much pain losing his fiance and the love of his life, that he too kills himself. Soon comes in Eurydice, Creon's wife. She sees her son dead. Eurydice blanks out. He heart just shatters. Her son is dead! She cant bare with the pain and like her son, she kills herself as well. Creon is left all alone. He has lost everything that he cared about. He realizes his judgement was wrong. He didn't choose to use his wisdom and power wisely, whic is truely a shame.

Both Oedipus and Antigone are tragedies where morals and lessons are learned. In Oedipus the moral is that you can't escape your fate and destiny no matter what it will always find its way back to you. And In Antigone the moral is that you have to use your wisdom wisely and not get caught up in your pride. Think twice about what you do because in the end the consequences that you recieve, could have been avoided!

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