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Antigone as a Tragic Hero Essay


In literature, many writers use a tragic hero in a drama. Sophocles uses Antigone as the tragic heroine of this Greek drama. A tragic hero is a person who has too much of one quality in their personality. Examples of a tragic heros qualities are extreme happiness or extreme sadness. A surplus of one quality can manufacture an issue or problem in a situation. I chose Antigone as the tragic hero of the play Antigone. She is a brave, respectful, and recalcitrant woman. These qualities make the story of Antigone a classic that is still popular today.

Antigone is a very brave woman. She is so brave she puts her life on the line to save her already dead brother, Polyneices. In Scene I, she knowingly defies Creons law to bury Polyneices. She believes that it is her right to bury her brother and it is also the law of the Gods. According to Antigone, a law of the Gods rules over any law of man. In Scene II she proudly admits that she knew of Creons word and defied it without a doubt in her mind.

Respect is a trait that is greatly honored. Antigone believes firmly in her Gods and their laws. The Gods said that you must bury the dead. If a person fails to do this, it is the highest level of disrespect to the body and to the Gods wishes. Antigone is so respectful towards the Gods that she risks being captured and being killed. Antigone believed that because she buried her brothers body that she will be honored by the Gods. In Scene II, Ismene says she is also guilty for the attempt towards burying Polyneices body, although it was not true. Antigone scolds her sister for trying to take her honor and doesnt even try to save her life.

A recalcitrant person is someone who has an uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline. Although Antigone is upset she cannot bury her brother, she goes about things the wrong way. She wants to bury her bury her brothers dead body to restore his honor. King Creon said Polyneices body was to be left for the dogs and Antigone could not let that happen. Her attempt was in the right place, but her attitude, when she was captured, isnt. She is proud to say that she knew no attempt was to be made to bury Polyneices. In Scene II she admits it was she, a mere woman, who defied his law.

A tragic hero is a person who has too much of one quality in their personality. Antigone is the tragic heroine in the play Antigone. She is brave because she risked her life for her brothers honor and faced the consequences. She is respectful because she respects the Gods. Her attempt to bury her brothers body, to save his honor, was out of respect to the Gods. Antigone is a recalcitrant woman who has an uncooperative attitude to authority. She is rude to Creon when she is captured. She said she obviously knew that the King said not to bury the body and did it anyway. Sophocles used these traits, and many others, to make this classic drama, a classic.

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