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Death in Antigone Essay


Death does Miraculous Things to Family

Disgrace, dishonesty, nobility, and allegiance create chaos within oneself only to obliterate those around them. In the play Antigone, by Sophocles, Creons mentality creates chaos to those who are out of breath and those who can still laboriously gasp for air. He attempts to modify the way things are and done in order to feel superior and intellectual around others. He doesnt want to bury Antigones brother Polynices, because Creon thinks that he doesnt deserve to live and creates a feud with his son because of Antigones punishment, therefore causing tension with his wife Eurydice. Creon causes a chain of deaths with Antigone, Haemon and Eurydice with the decisions he makes towards Antigone. Creon learns that when you light a fire you end up with the ashes. In the play Antigone Creon does not want to bury Antigones brother who is a child of Creons brother Oedipus. She wants to bury Polynices because it is a sign of respect to the dead.

Creon had a good relationship with Antigone when her father Oedipus died, but things change when both of her brothers die and Creon decides to bury only one of them. Creon refuses to dispose of Polynices properly. Antigone believes strongly in the afterlife that she does what she thinks is right. When Creon finds out that his niece has buried her brother he is infuriated. She thinks that people need to respect the dead, and since she sees no one acknowledging this she considers herself dead because she did what no other person thought of doing. Antigone knows that Creon knows what she has done and states, I gave myself to death, long ago, so I might serve the dead. Her brother not being buried changes the relationship she has with her uncle because her uncle now wants her to suffer and to e tormented for something she thought was right. Anti gone dies because she kills herself in a cave she cant escape from. She hung herself and the first person to realize she was dead is Creons son Haemon. Haemon was devastated and wanted to kill the person responsible and he felt that there wasnt a force on the planet that could stop him. Creon is told by Tiresias that if he doesnt change the way he is bad things are going to happen. At some point Creon starts to think about what he is doing and decided he needed to free Antigone before it was too late. He arrives at the cave and tells his messenger to go inside when the messenger comes back he tells Creon the terrible things he witnessed. Creon is surprised to find that the news was true, his son Haemon is at the feet of his dead ornament.

In the begging Haemon agrees with his Dad about his fiancs chastisement, but being sly guy he tries to direct his father attention away from it. They start to quarrel over the conversation and it becomes an even bigger problem. Haemon starts to dislike his father. Haemon realizes that the connection with his father is lost and that his father doesnt care anymore. He also states that his father is as stubborn as a tree. Haemon starts to boil and splash out Youve seen trees by raging winter torrent how many sway with the flood and salvage of every twig, but not the stubborn-theyre ripped out, roots and all. Haemon is frustrated with his dad because he doesnt listen and he doesnt want to listen. Everything has to be Creons way and Haemon is trying to get that the more stubborn you are the harder you will fall. Without his Parents consent, Haemon went to go see his fianc Antigone but he was too late. When he arrived Antigone had already killed herself. He hugged he waist and longed for her. His father comes in shortly after and they exchanged some nasty words and then Haemon threatens his father but instead stabs himself and with his last strengths he hugs. He does this to be with his beloved Antigone and to be at peace within himself. Creon goes back to the palace regretting what he has done and is lost at thought. Creons wife Eurydice finds out about her sons innocent death and she isnt pleased. Creon doesnt have a great care for with his wife or other women.

Creon thinks that arent worth much in the world that they are like a piece of paper, you eventually throw in the trash, that theyre a disturbance in a mans life. Creon says many bad things about women and he contradicts himself plenty of times. He tells his son when they talk that men dont need women yet he has a wife. Eurydice is a calm woman but when she finds out about her sons death she is full of anguish and leaves to her room. Creon sends the messenger to see if she is alright. When the messenger comes back he tells Creon The queen is dead. The mother this dead boymother to the end-poor thing, her wounds are fresh. After hearing this news, Creon has a self realizing portrait of what he has done. He paints all the chaos and death in his mind. This al happens on his account and now he regrets talking about women in the way he did. He said he didnt need them but he had a wonderful wife. He said they were worthless, yet she was his prize possession. He never realized that a woman make excellent company.

The battlefield that Creon was on was long and hard warfare, but in the end he lost everything he treasured. He changes within himself because he just witnessed the death of his three treasures Antigone, Haemon, and Eurydice. Creon now looks back at what the profit said and knows if he would have just gone the other side when he was on the razors edge everyones fate would have changed. He realizes what a terrible person he was and with these occurrences he sees his tragic flaws. The change of one person in each family can change the world.

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