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Greed in The Pearl Essay


Greed Spreads just like poison. It may start small, but it will end big, and it may end up killing people. If the characters didnt spread this they would have still had poor Coyotito. But sadly they let the evil take over their bodies and loose their minds. No good came out of evil (greed) and no good will EVER come out of ever. When kino understood what the pearl and its greed were doing to the society, it was too late. The evil had took over and the only way to let it out was to get rid of the pearl, so thats what he did.

In The Pearl, it is clear that human nature is greedy. One of the most significant examples is the character of the fat doctor. He is the only doctor living in the city nearby that Kino can find from his outlying village. The doctor was already rich before Kino found the great pearl, he has plenty of material wealth. But he just wanted more and it was because of the pearl. The people of Kino's village had much greed towards the pearl, which eventually accumulated into a problem. The citizens of Kino's small, but humble brush village lusted at the opportunity to gain some of the money from, or even steal the pearl fro him. All of the situations that the characters faced arose from Kino finding the giant pearl. His family and all the people around him suffered greatly because of the greed that was shown towards the pearl. At first, it represented wealth, and Kino's family believed that it would solve all of their financial problems. But ultimately, the family was tragically changed. It was necessary for many obstacles and issues to be solved in the midst of trying to accomplish their issues. In life, greed is the result of jealousy, and jealousy is a fact of life.

One of the topics that we didnt talk about to much is Juanas rationality. She represents women with quick thinking and rationalization. She sees what can be gained from this miracle pearl and also what can be lost. She is wise to protect what she has in her family instead of give it all away for Kino's dream with the pearl. She knows that Kino's sudden desire for money because of the pearl is dangerous and will lead to destruction if she does not protect him. When she is beat by Kino and has lost him to the temptation of money and greed but stays and tries to solve the problem. Not many women would do this, but Kino doesnt care because he is blinded from the pearl.

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