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Greed in The Pearl Essay


In The Pearl Kino displays many different ways of being greedy with the pearl. He also shows how he wasnt at all, when he didnt have the pearl yet. Everything was all good in his life, he had a great wife, and a good kid. All he wanted was to heal his son, but no, he had to get greedy with his life and make everything way to complicated than it needed to be. He lost lots than he imagined through this. In the pearl by John Steinbeck Kino displays acts of greediness, and acts of non greediness. He does this with the pearl, and without it.

The first thing that displays how Kino was good with his life before the pearl is that he was good with his life, and all he wanted was to heal his son. After the baby got stung by the scorpion, Kino and Juana wanted to heal him. They would do anything to save their son, so they had to go to the doctor, even though he wasnt for their people. the doctor, she said. Go get the doctor.(7) Kino was good with his life before the pearl.

The second thing is how Kino gets greedy once he gets the pearl, and finds it. He wants to sell it, so he can pay the doctor for healing the baby. So he goes to the pearl buyers and attempts to sell it to them. He wants a lot of money, cause he thinks that the pearl is so amazing, and worth a lot of money. But they dont like it at all. They deny it all. They dont want to buy it, and they dont get involved. The one offers him a price, but its too low for what Kino wants. I am cheated, Kino cried fiercely. My pearl is not for sale here. I will go, perhaps even to the capital. (52) Kino is overtaken by greed cause of the pearl.

Lastly, Kino is taken over by greed once again by not getting rid of the pearl. He is warned over and over again by Juana to get rid of the pearl. But Kino doesnt listen to her at all. Hes so stubborn and wants money that he wont get rid of it, even if it destroys him and his family. He is so greedy, he doesnt think of any other body but himself. Hes so greedy and so selfish. It will destroy us all, Juana cried. Even our son. Hush, said Kino. (39) Kino is a very greedy man and will do anything to get the pearl.

The pearl destroys Kino in many ways. Making him greedy beyond fixing. Nobody can see the true him anymore. He is a terrible man. A terrible husband. And a terrible father. He turns into a very bad man. Kino is very greedy.

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