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Gods and Humans Influence in The Pearl Essay


Topic: Its believed that both gods and human shape the life of Kino. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this perspective?

The Pearl novella, which is a simple echoes a moral parable written by John Steinbeck, display the petty life of an Indian pearl diver Kino who is found the magnificent pearl. After discover the pearl, Kino wants to fulfill his desires to change his difficult life for a favor of social reputation Kino struggle hard to complete his dream, nevertheless; his life suffering a lot of pains since his lose his house, canoe, and son. To these destruction of Kino, some reader says that both Gods and human shape Kinos life. However, Im convinced that Kino himself destroyed and shape his life.

Initially, Kino is a greedy person. In the story, once his son Coyotito was stung by scorpion and seriously ill, Kino was worried because he had no money to get his son cured. Juana prayed for Gods, that his husband could find a valuable pearl to exchange money. In contrast, when Kino found the pearl by his luck, he wants to sell it at the highest price. Eventhough, the pearl dealer didnt offer him with a satisfactory offer, his son was in danger state, Kion didnt accept the offered price 1500 peso which is a comparable wealth to him, to better his life. Still, he attempted to travel to city to sell it with his satisfactory price. After coming back Lapaz city, Kinos family encounter a lot trouble, attacking from stranger, burning his house, losing his canoe and his son. Exactly, he said that dont want something too much, some time it can drive the luck a way. On the other hand, when he had it he desired to sell it at biggest price, eventhough he loses his love properties he didnt realize that the pearl is an evil thing. Until he lose his son that he know that his greed lead to destruction.

Another important reason is that he is too stubborn. That is, after the first chasing from stranger at night, Juana informs Kion that the pearl is an evil, he must threw it to the sea to escape from danger. Still he felt annoyed by Juana. Plus, Juan Thomas told the story of agents who try to bring the outside station Kino didnt fear of that. Thomas insisted him to sell the pearl to other men to pass the curse a way, but he ignored to his brother. Moreover, he bitted Juana when she stole the pearl to threw into the sea. He said that the pearl is his soul, if he loses it, his life is useless. Consequently, he lose his son Coyotito on the way to Loreto the three trackers followed his sighs. Accidentally, his son was shouted by the rifle ma. Thus, Kino himself take his family to face the risk for he is too stubborn.

Some opponents might raise the idea that human and gods direct the life of Kino. However, as reason mentioned previously Kino belts his life for his greed. If he accept that price he could fulfill his desire, sending Coyotito to school, buying rife and marrying Juana in the church; there, he could bring prosperity, harmony to his life and his family. But, he suffered a lot of destruction for he is too stubborn.

In conclusion, Kino leads his life and family into danger. Because of his greed, destruction occurs to him and also his dream didnt become true because of his stubborn who didnt get the other idea to think in order to deal with the problems. However, Kino struggle hard to achieve his goal and dream, but still he met all the bad luck to his family and lose his desire. So, it can infer that when the people who dont have education is the person stubborn, never get the other advices and hard to persuade him to do what the other wants.

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