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Commentary on Eragon Essay


In the fantasy book Eragon by Christopher Paolini, a young boy named Eragon finds a blue polished stone in the forest. Eragon decides to sell the stone to feed his family for the winter, but he later finds out the stone has no value. Eragons discovery spirals into something giant when the stone brings Eragon a baby dragon, which opens up a quest older than the empire itself, it doesnt only open up a quest to destroy the empire but a mental and spiritual journey to become a true hero.

In the novel Eragon develops his physical strengths by training with his wise friend Brom, as Brom and Eragon travel they become closer. Brom starts to hand Eragon tasks to develop his magic skills and tells Eragon the way of the dragon, not only does Saphira help Eragon get around but she also helps Eragon in times of need with words of wisdom and when hes struggling mentally and physically The only true guide is your heart. Nothing less than its supreme desire can help you. As Brom and Eragon continue through their quest they develop their physical and mental skills by practicing sword play and mind reading. As Eragon and Brom continue to travel they start to find new clues as where the razaac are hiding.

In the novel Eragon is faced with loss, discomfort and many challenges, shortly after Eragons dragon hatches he is targeted by the empire and he is forced to hide. The Razaac search the town and identify where he lives, the Razaac burn down Eragons home and kill his uncle. Eragon is faced with sadness thought the novel and needs to overcome it to for fill his quest. Eragon is also faced with many challenges to improve his physical and mental development and his connection with Saphira. Eragon also develops his independence and courage, I will fight when needed, revel when there's an occasion, mourn when there is grief, and die if my time comes...but I won't let anybody use me against my will.With the help of good friends to motivate Eragon he becomes strong willed and is able to make hard decisions with ease.

In the novel Eragons quest starts out as a quest for vengeance against the Razaac, after Eragon attempts to kill the Razaac it turns into a struggle to survive after his attempt fails they are chased and captured and Brom sacrifices himself for Eragon by taking a dagger. After, the Razaac are ambushed and Brom is flown to safety with an in-curable wound. Eragon is faced with another loss and is found and imprisoned by the Urgals. Eragons true courage is put to the test when he tries to escape the prison with the help of Murtagh. After the recovery Eragon travels through the desert and after he reaches the city he is surprised that he is being unexpectedly invaded by the Urgals. As Eragons army ready for the attack Eragon readies to fight the shade. After the battle is under control Eragon confronts the shade. Eragon is attacked with a powerful mind spell but fights back managing to put a flaming sword through the shades heart. Due to the support from Eragons family and friends he was able to for fill his quest, and become a dragon rider, From this moment on Ill live by the sword, let the whole world see what I am. I have no fear, I am a rider now fully and completely.

The novel Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a great book because it includes the struggles Eragon faced and how he overcame them, it shows how Eragon loses everything and how he can still defeat the best. Eragon showed that if you commit yourself you can accomplish anything. My opinion on the book was that it was a great story about a young farm boy that loses everything and how he had to cope with loss, discomfort and emotion. The novel includes many morals and messages. Overall Eragon was a great book and is very interesting.

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