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Harry Potter as an Epic Essay


EpThe epic form has been part of the worlds literature for decades and continued to be one of the most substantial forms of written matters. In the film Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets by David Columbus, the spectator discovers numerous characteristics that resemble the work with other epic forms such as Beowulf by Burton Raffel. Harry Potter demonstrates deeds and qualities of a hero by performing courageous actions. He also determines the fate of Hogwarts and the life of Ginny Weasly. Over all Harry Potter exposes himself in different situations that threat his life and survives enlightening the spectator about good and evil.

When Harry and Ron come cross that their lives are endangered by a swarm of arachnids, Harry takes the initiative to exterminate them by the use of a spell (arania exumai). During this scene Harry shouts Hurry get in the car Arania Exumai!!... Come on Ron get us out of here(spider scene, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Despite the fact of the magic car appearing just in time to save their lives; without the tenacity of Harry Potter his braveness and values such as loyalty and friendship the teenagers would not continue to live after the frightful encounter. Similar to the encounter of Beowulf with Grendel whereas the hero follows his values and brave instincts defeating the monster with his bare hands safeguarding Herots safety.

During the Snake scene Harry attempts to save Ginnys life by fighting the supernatural force of a basilisk commanded by Tom Riddle. Harry challenges his enemy by mentioning Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all, you shall never come close to his greatness(snake scene, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Griffindors sword appears as a result of Harrys benevolence, the school and his cared for friends lives are saved; as well as he defeats his enemy by stabbing the diary with the basilisks fang. This scene alludes to The battle with Grendels mother because just like Beowulf, Harry saves the fate of the school and the life of his highly valued friends. He also gets mortally wounded by the supernatural being similar to The battle with Grendels mother conclusion.

The film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets displays timeless and universal values in which the hero is mostly lead and helped by forces of good against evil. The most evident example of this is Dobby, the elf that warns Harry throughout the movie of the mysterious risks in which the protagonist is found. Dobby has to protect Harry Potter, to warn him, Harry Potter most not go back to Hogwarts(Dobbys scene, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). These are the words told by the elf to Harry in his room as a suggestion to stop the teenager to return to a place of danger. Although Beowulf does not survive at the end of the epic, it is also found that good triumphs over evil in the previously mentioned work.

The epic has shown its relevance and contribution to the literature by maintaining its importance for many decades. From Beowulf to Harry Potter the epic has been the choice of the world to listen, read or watch. The heroic deeds that the main characters perform makes one believe that there is still a hope for good to triumph over evil. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets by Chris Columbus is the perfect example of a modern epic and shows the audience that the epic is not a dead literature.


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Director David Columbus. Performers Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint. Warner Bros, 2002.

British American School

AP English

Miss Gay Dewar

Epic essay: Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

Due: 9th of September 2011

Mara Rico Romero

5th Semester B

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