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Conflict in Roselily Essay


Conflict in Roselily

In Alice Walkers classic short story Roselily, the writer focuses on three main conflicts that Roselily experienced while standing at the alter reciting her vows.

The first conflict was changing her religion; another conflict was giving her fourth child to his father, and her final conflict was moving from Mississippi to Chicago.

Roselily is about to marry a man of the Muslim faith. His religion is totally different from the religion Roselily is accustomed to and she often obsesses over this matter. Roselily often refers to the temple where they will be worshiping as his place of worship; this is a direct indication that Roselily does not include herself when thinking about the new religion. While at his place of worship Roselily will be required to sit apart from the others with a covered head. Roselily will be changing religion and taking on a different way of life.

The next conflict Roselily experienced while standing at the alter, was giving her fourth child to his father. Roselily was not sure she made the right decision; she wondered if he son would ever return to Mississippi. Roselilys fourth childs father could not stay with Roselily because he went to Harvard, therefore he was very educated, and Roselily was not as educated as he was. The fourth childs father was also married, which was one of the greatest contributing factors to their parting. Roselily felt it would be in the childs best interest to let him go and live with his father.

Roselilys last conflict was moving from Mississippi to Chicago. Roselily would be leaving behind everything and everybody she has ever known, including many childhood friends. Roselily faces the fact that she may not fit in. The people may look down on her for having illegitimate children, and not being married to either of their fathers. This move has its pros and its cons for Roselily, but her selflessness for her children conquers it all. Roselily understands this may be the last real chance to give her children a better life, a life better than her life.

Roselily lived a depressing life. Her poor decisions are to blame. Roselily always allowed men to take advantage of her. In the end Roselily was left with four children, including the son she sent to live with his father. Roselily has come to the conclusion; the only way to have a better life is to marry this Muslim man. Roselily wishes that she had taken more time to find out from him what her future life would be like and what will be expected of her. Roselily acknowledges that, at the time, she didn't care-she was just impatient to be done with working and raising her three children alone. Roselily does not truly love this man, but she marries him for security. Roselily realizes that this marriage offers many more opportunities to excel in life.

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