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Character Change In a Thousand Splendid Suns Essay


Naturally, in a book, such as A Thousand Splendid Suns, where the novel spans over a vast amount of time, the characters will change drastically throughout. A Thousand Splendid Suns is a novel that presents an excellent example of dynamic characters. These main characters, Mariam and Laila, do not undergo a slow, constant and gradual change, which is different from most characters in novels such as Reverend Hale from The Crucible, another excellent example of a dynamic character. These characters change predominantly at an individual, important moment through their lives.

Mariams first character change comes from when she is a young child. She leaves her mother to go visit her father in Heart, finally standing up for something she wants. Throughout the rest of her live, you see her afraid to stand up and go against what other people tell her to do because of the effect that that once had when she was young. Over the next eighteen years after she is married off to Rasheed, she simply endures her life and shows no change of heart. The next major change she undergoes occurs when Laila arrives. When the beautiful, energetic, young girl agrees to a marriage with Rasheed, Mariams initial response is anger and jealousy. This does not settle down until they find their bond over three cups of tea and a common enemy, their husband. Mariam finds a friend and someone who cares about her, both of which were something she had never experienced before. The change in Mariam was so dramatic that she ends up giving her own life for someone she cares deeply for. She changes from a young girl who had been turned bitter from the people around her, to a woman who is willing to give everything she has for the happiness of her best friend.

Lailas first major change comes about when her childhood ends. Everything Laila knows is stripped away from her within a few short days. She is lead to believe that the love of her life is killed and she ends up marrying an unworthy man, Rasheed. At the age of fourteen, this young girl is obviously shaken and changed by this ordeal and very much demoralized and lost. Laila really needed Mariam to build her up again because she is just a shadow of her former self. She, overtime, slowly gains a close relationship with Mariam and this friendship is the one thing that helps them endure their difficult times.

Another point in which Laila changes is when Tariq returns back to Kabul. At this time she had given up all hope in ever seeing him again because she thought him dead due to Rasheeds story. She had settled, that is why it was such a surprise when Tariq came back. Laila suddenly realized that she could have a life other than the one she was living. Laila realized she could change, and with Rasheeds ever-so-convenient passing away, she realized she has the opportunity to change the way she was living, to her distant dream of a life with Tariq.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is interesting in that, although it is a sad story, it still does give you a happy ending. These characters that you fall in love with throughout the story change for the better towards the end. They become better versions of themselves and leave the reader satisfied that their endurance and suffering concludes with a better future.

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