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Commentary on A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay


As a child grows older, they need protection and to be taken care of from the people in their life. Without this, they cannot mature into successful young adults. Even when they become adults, they still need support and protection from the people around them. In the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Laila yearns for people to protect and take care of her. In the beginning of the novel, Laila does not have the necessities to be protected and taken care of because the people around her do not look out for her and neglect her. As the novel progresses, though, Lailas needs are fulfilled because she actually does have loving people around her.

In the beginning of the novel, Laila is not really being taken care of. When both of her brothers died, Mammy felt a large amount of grief. She displayed her grief by staying in her room all the time and isolating herself from Laila and Babi. While Mammy spent every day by herself, Laila lacked a mother figure. She didnt have anyone to share the life milestones that every teenage girl goes through. Additionally, when both Mammy and Babi died, Laila was left by herself, with no one at all. She was vulnerable, and had to fend for herself due to lack of protection and care.

Eventually, Laila gets married to Rasheed. He protects her and takes care of her, but she doesnt appreciate it. Laila mainly doesnt appreciate it because she was forced into the marriage and her husband is cruel. For example, he keeps a roof over her head, but he locks Laila and Aziza in a room with no food or water for days. Furthermore, Rasheed doesnt really care for Laila or his other wife. Therefore, Laila does not give him any love or appreciation back.

As the novel progresses, Lailas needs are fulfilled. Mariam takes care of Laila by turning herself into the Taliban so that Laila didnt get in trouble for Rasheeds death. Mariam is taking care of Laila by not letting her go under, even though they both played parts in Rasheeds demise. In addition, Tariq comes back to marry Laila, and take both her and her children away to live with him in Muree. Tariq both supports them and protects them.

After being alone, fending for herself, and being neglected and abused, Lailas needs are eventually fulfilled. She finally has someone to take care of her and protect her. In the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, the protagonist, Laila, has gone through many trials and tribulations before getting what she wanted and deserved.

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