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Beauty: Not Just In Image in Frankenstein Essay


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; or so they say. But for me, a monster, a creation of a mad person and an experiment, who is to see me a beautiful? Now that I have roamed the ends of the Earth, encountered and killed a handful of people, and seen my creator die before my own eyes; I have begun to realize I, in fact was mistaken about beauty. Though ugly in sight, I am beautiful. I am beautiful because I am created piece by piece, and I use my intelligence as my beauty.

This, is the afterward to Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. It is a reflection by the monster, which realizes that his true beauty lies in his intelligence. Many people do not consider intelligence and the ability to learn as something beautiful. But to me, it is an amazing wonder of life, how a person or creature, learns.

After having escaped from Victors apartment the night he was created the Monster has roam the woods and encountered many people and learned many new things. He eventually catches with Victor, and relays to him what has happened since the night Frankenstein has created him. According to his story, he finds fire and is pleased with the warmth is creates, but is astonished when he burns himself. In search of food, he begins to ransack villagers homes, and also learns that with this new found fire he is able to cook the food he steals. He begins to observe a family that he is stealing food from through a crack in their home. After so long of doing this, he learns to speak the same language, and learns of the dealing that this family is going through. It turns out they are in poverty, so he tightens his belt and scrapes for food instead of stealing theirs. One day a visitor comes to see the oldest son, Felix, it amazes the monster when she speaks a different language. While Felix teaches his woman friend his language the monster listens intently, and learns not only her language, but how to read the language of the village family. He then finds books, reads them, and remembers of letters that are in his pockets of his creator Victor Frankenstein.

The monster reads the letters, and is utterly dismayed when he finds out what his creators original intentions for him were. Overwhelmed with emotion, the monster sums up the courage to try and talk to the village family, but what happens is completely unexpected. The monster is angered by the fearful reaction of the family, and swears at that point to make life hell for all humans at the expense of his creator.

Though this is a brief overview of just what happens in the book, it amazes me as a reader as well as a supporter of education. The ability to learn is a beauty in itself. I think that the real beauty of this story, is that although the monster is hideous in physical appearance, the creature has emotions like a real person, and is able to learn just like a real person. And this was all crafted through the hands of a human being.

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