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Analysis On The Similarities Between Victor and his Monster in Frankenstein Essay


Throughout Frankenstein, the actions of Victor and the creature bring them together. Victors rejection of the creature drives the creatures emotions. In his rejection, the creature seeks revenge on Victor. The creature causes Victors misery, which coerces Victor to seek revenge on the creature. Both the creature and Victor revenge on each other. Though separate beings, the creature and Victor share a relationship of complicated dimensions: that of nobility born of suffering, that of creator/created, and that of enforced loneliness.

The Creature and Victors creator-created relationship, the creatures nobleness and loneliness forms their relationship. Victors responsibility of the creature becomes significant when the creature begins to wreak havoc. At first, Victor sees the creature as an amazing breakthrough created by defiance nature, but soon after the creatures creation, he realizes how truly awful the creature is and rejects him. Victor is in bed asleep, and suddenly wakes to see the wretch the miserable monster(Shelley 56) he had created. The creature opens its mouth as if to say something, but only sounds, not accurate words, come out. Frightened Victor escapes from the creature, before it can detain him with the filial grasp of a child towards its parents, and runs down the stairs still horrified by the creature. After escaping from the creature and learning the mischief the creature got into, Victor begins to realize how he must take responsibility for the creature, like a child takes responsibility for his/her puppy.

Miserable, the creature visits Victor contemplating whether Victor will be able to create a mate for him. While visiting with Victor, the creature asks Victor to create him a mate. Victor does not agree to the creatures idea; in anger the creature inveighs, "You are my creator, but I am your master obey! (Shelley 206) as he asks Victor to create him a make. After much thought Victor finally agrees to create the creature a mate. After he has created the creature a mate, Victor begins to have regrets for what he has done for the creature by creating him a mate. He begins to have regrets because the creature and his mate might terrorize the town and others, so he destroys the creatures mate. Victor becomes conscious of his reasons for creating a mate for the creature and decides to pursue the creature. Deep down Victor knows that he must take responsibility for the creature because he is a mother to the creature. He created him and he must learn to take responsibility for his actions.

The Creature's nobleness shows how he connects with Victor. In the lab, Victor creates the creature, yet he later sees the creature as horrifying and ugly. The creatures ugliness causes Victor to flee the lab as if death himself had come a knocking, leaving the creature alone. The creature, left alone with no one to help care for him, searches for a place that he can call home for a while. He lives in an attachment on a house and learns that ways of the human. The creature knows now that Victor does not want him anymore and seeks revenge for Victor creating him. While visiting Victor the creature tells Victor that, he will be there on [his] wedding night (Shelley 232). The creature is furious with Victor his cursed, cursed creator (Shelley 161) for creating him. The creature wishes to get revenge on Victor for making him so lonely. One critic writes, the jealous creature toys with his prey (Thompson ProQuest) luring Victor from place to place. Even after the creature has killed William, Justine, Henry and Elizabeth he still is not finished with his revenge. The creature thinks that by getting revenge on Victor it will bolster the creatures melancholy and lonely feelings.

Victor's actions sent the creature into a melancholy state and a state of loneliness. The creature, left alone, becomes saddened because he does not have a companion. When the creature came to Victor asking him to create him a mate, Victor said no at first, but then agreed to the creature's idea. Victor went from his home to the Islands to make the creature a mate.

Victors isolation, caused by the creature, becomes the main basis of his loneliness. In Victors scientific pursuits he violates nature and creates a horrible being, which in turn ruins his life causing his melancholy state. Victor spent so much time preparing to create the creature, but he did not leave enough time for others. He sets himself aside from society, which makes him forlorn.

The loneliness the creature and Victor share make them similar to each other. Victor is a brilliant and self-centered man (Engar 1551). Victor is talking to the creature and is telling him how he created the creature. Victor then brings up that when he was creating the creature he shunned everyone because joy or satisfaction was martyrdom and solitude was his only solace deep, dark, deathlike solitude (Shelley 102). In the beginning when Victor is gathering the body parts for the creature and when he was creating the creature, he set himself aside from society and all means of communication. Night and day, he worked in the lab away from everyone, as if he were in quarantine. Because he was isolated from everyone, Victor longed for another human to communicate with. He decided, after he created the creature, to go home and visit his friends and family, to make him not feel lonely anymore.

Victor then attempts the unattempted (Seth Lener) in which he will create a being from no living matter. Victor embraces doom by violating nature (Snodgrass 130) when he creates a being from lifeless matter. In the lab, Victor feels that life and death no longer apply and because of this he will surpass science by pour[ing] a torrent of light into our dark earth(Shelley 51) creating a being from lifeless matter. By creating this being, from lifeless matter, Victor has put no limits on science and its abilities.

The creatures loneliness, enforced by his rejection from society and rejection by Victor, shows his true colors and how far he is willing to go to get his revenge. Subsequent to creating the creature, Victor flees from the lab leaving the creature all alone because the creatures lurid and revolting appearance. The creature tells Victor my soul glowed with love and humanity (Shelley 114), but the creature changed because he was alone, miserably alone (Shelley 114). The creature is a gentle, intelligent creature (Geherin World Book Online), but his misery and loneliness changes his personality. The creature wants to be good, but is delivered over to evil (Frankenstein Novels). According to Victor there is no mortal that "could support the horror of that countenance (Shelley 57). The way the muscles and the joints come together to form the creature is so ugly that Victor flees the lab. Society shuns the creature after Victor flees the lab leaving the creature all alone. In the flashback chapters, the creature reiterates of how he learned to communicate.

The creature is telling Victor about his life and tells of how he learned to communicate. The creature, rejected by Victor and left alone, went searching for shelter. He found an attachment to a house that he could live in. The creature finds that these people possessed a method of communicating and feels that he needs to learn this way of communicating. He began to learn the ways of the people living in the house: how to collect wood and how to collect food. One day he heard the family and figured that they had a way of communicating. The creature finds that these people possessed a method of communicating and needs to learn this way of communicating. The creature says that the people living in the houses communications are a god- like science (Shelley 129) and that he wants to become more acquainted with their way communicating. He continued to study and listen to their communications until the creature learned how to speak a few words. When Victor created the creature he had no language, but soon enough he was learning words. This way of communicating allowed the creature to expand his study with reading books.

The creatures loneliness emerges when he begins to seek company. The creature does not have a companion, so the creatures propensity for violence increases with each rejection. He has no one to be with and no one to talk to and each time that society or Victor rejects him, he becomes angrier. The creatures struggle with self-pity and self loathing exemplifies the quandary of the pariah (Snodgrass 129). The creature tries to [inspire] loathing in everyone who meets it (Frankenstein Britannica). The creature, engaged in the dislike of himself, struggles to come back and be a part of society, but is still an interloper.

Victor and the creature differ from one another. All through the book, Victor and the creature are "bound together by the nature of their relationship (Frankenstein Novels). They seem to share most of the same ideas of loneliness and misery. The creature changes into a noble character because he does not like the way Victor treats him, and he seeks Victor for creating him. The relationship that creature and Victor have holds them together throughout the entirety of the book.

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