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Brief Commentary on Romeo and Juliet Essay


Juliet, at the start of the scene, is telling the audience about the feelings she has for Romeo, through a soliloquy. Juliet is expressing herself and pouring out her heart to the audience. This is to make the audience know what she is doing and what her character is about. Juliet is a young girl, who falls in love with her familys enemy.

Juliet wants night time to come, so that she can see Romeo. This is shown when Juliet says Come, night, come, Romeo, come thou day in night. This is because Juliet wants to see Romeo, but she can only see him at night because he is not allowed to see or talk to any Capulet. However, Juliet is not allowed to go out without permission; so he has to come to her, which has to be done in secret.

In the second part of this scene, the nurse enters with ladder of cord (rope ladder) in her lap. This is because Juliet wanted the rope ladder, so that Romeo can come at night to climb up the balcony. The nurse was also bringing news to Juliet about the murder of her favourite cousin Tybalt; which took place in Act 3; Scene 1. However, the nurse does not specify who has been killed. This makes Juliet think that Romeo has been killed. Juliet gets upset, you can see this when she says What devil art thou dost torment me thus? Juliet starts to get hysterical because her beloved cousin and secret husband are dead. This is shown when Juliet says Then dreadful trumpet, sound the general doom, for who is living, if those two are gone.

In this part of the scene, Juliets moods are quite dramatic, which is going from hope to despair. This is shown by the language she uses. This is when Juliet said Hath Romeo, slain himself? Say thou but ay and that bare vowel I shall poison. This emphasises Juliets mood changes. In this part of the scene, the audience will feel a sense of frustration towards the nurse. This is because the audience know what the nurse is trying to say, and the way the nurse is telling the story; it is making Juliet feel confused. As far as Juliet is concerned, the audience would feel that Juliet is going crazy. This is because she is trying to put what the nurse is saying together, but she is getting the story all muddled up.

Once Juliet has learnt the truth of what happened to her cousin, she becomes confused about what she should do and what her true feelings are towards Romeo. We can tell she is confused by the language Shakespeare uses. This is shown when Juliet says, Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelica!, Dove-feathered raven, wolvish-ravening lamb!

These phrases are all examples of oxymorons. An oxymoron being a phrase which is seemingly contradictory. By using this, Shakespeare shows us that Juliet feels confused. Juliet is confused about Romeo. This is because the man she loved has killed her beloved cousin. Juliet is also shocked that Romeo could do such a thing. Juliets mood has changed from despair to confusion, when she didnt know what has happened, now that she does. The audience would be feeling confused and scared for Juliet because of her severe mood swings; and what would happen to Juliet next.

Then, the nurse speaks about Romeo in such a bad way. This is shown when the nurse said to Juliet Shame come to Romeo. Juliet steps in ad tell the nurse off, for talking about her husband in such a manner. Juliet is already frustrated with the nurse, but now she is very angry with her as well. We can see this because, she shouts Blistered by thy tongue at the nurse. Juliet then argues that Romeo is far from being a bad man, is actually a good man who was not born to shame. Juliet then justifies Romeos killing of Tybalt and then says she is much more upset that Romeo has been banished, than Tybalt being killed that one word banished, halt slain ten thousands Tybalts. This is a pivotal moment in the play, because it shows that Juliet is madly in love with Romeo. Juliet is more upset by the fact that Romeo has been banished, than if she has been told that anyone of her family has been killed.

At this moment of the play, the audience would be thinking that Juliet has gone mental and no normal human being would be doing half of the things that Juliet is doing. The audience is also aware that the play will end in tragedy, because, of the way Juliet was speaking to the nurse about death I a maid, die maiden-widowed. Juliet also speaks of her own death, as a guilt of her love for Romeo, when she says Death, not Romeo take my maidenhead.

In conclusion, I think that Juliet is a very outspoken girl who isnt afraid to say what she wants to say, no matter how it would turn out. Juliet also fights for what she believes is right and doesnt let anything or anyone hold her back. She is a very strong character. This scene is very important because as an audience, we get to know Juliets feelings for Romeo and we also get to find out that Juliet has more love for Romeo, than her family.

Romeo and Juliets relationship was very dangerous and also very sweet to know how deeply in love a couple can be towards each other. It also shows what people do for love and the extreme they go to.

Overall, I think the audience would have been affected by the play because, it showed confusion, anger and loyalty. All those three things are very important in life. This scene was especially very important because between that short period of time Juliet was having a lot of mood swings; from getting confused, to getting angry. This showed how hurt Juliet was feeling and the audience could relate to what Juliet was thinking and feeling.

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